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Eva Klaus: Radspirale 2017

Eva Klaus: Still from Radspirale (2017)

Event Information:

Outdoor installation / screenings: 30.9.2021

Location: Ufer Studios Hof, Uferstraße 23, 13357 Berlin


Artist list:


Ute Aurand

Robert Beavers

Eva Claus

Nick Collins

Nazlı Dinçel

Elena Duque

James Edmonds

Helga Fanderl

Petra Graf

Josef Graßl

Richard Kerr

Ross Meckfessel


Curator: James Edmonds








Channeling Structures takes the form of an open-air film screening alongside several installed moving image works. The selection brings together a mixture of older and recent works from artists and filmmakers who deal with the built environment in personal, poetic ways. From bridges, waterways, monuments, and towers, to museums and stones on the beach, through the act of filming, these subjects become time-based structures, a synthesis of real and imagined worlds.

These films function as a method of viewing and observing the world around us. At the same time, they can be considered living materials, each with its own history and presence whose layers of reflection transcend history, location and era. 

Rather than constructing reality anew, these works attempt a meditative and conscious approach to cinematic form via an insistence on the present moment. They embody a spiritual modus often lacking in late capitalism and much of cultural production, utilising acts of subtle intervention while strongly resonating with the everyday.

James Edmonds:

James Edmonds works with super8 and 16mm film as well as painting and music. His practice is driven by a personal poetics in which the act of recording becomes both a material, formalistic structure and a subjective experiential reality. His films have been shown at international festivals and art spaces. From 2015-2018 he ran a film series in Berlin called Light Movement

This exhibition was made possible with the kind support of:  UFER_STUDIOS

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