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Eiko Soga: Ainu Hunter, Mon-chan (2020). 

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Eiko Soga in conversation with Robert Prideaux



Via Zoom



Eiko Soga's Ainu Hunter, Mon-chan (2020) is an ethnographic essay, which seeks to explore empathy between human and non-human worlds. At the heart of Eiko Soga’s work is her ambition to cultivate a conversation about reforestation and deconolisation for societies that have been shaped by urban-capitalist developments.


The film follows a discussion between Soga and Mon-chan (Atsushi), who maintains a sense of positivity, honesty, and unique resistance to the changing nature of Japan. Mon-chan raises the fact that issues surrounding climate change and sustainable food resources are city-centric, disregarding the generations of experience of indigenous cultures. He discusses the impact that it has had on his way of life, his relationship to the hereditary wisdom of Ainu elders, and that of his community at large.


Eiko Soga is an artist who is based in the UK. She is a graduate of MFA Sculpture at the Slade School of Fine Art, and MSc Japanese Studies at University of Oxford where she studied Sociology, Anthropology, and Modern Japanese Literature. Eiko is an associate lecturer at Chelsea College of Arts in London, and participates in workshops at Universität der Künste, Berlin.



Recent exhibitions include Site Specific Art - Learning from the Folklorist Tsuneichi Miyamoto, Ichihara Lake Side Museum (Japan), Kuroko, Index Festival Hub, Yorkshire House (UK), Bamboo Tori, Sapporo CAI (Japan), Nemagaridake, Uymam Art Project (Japan).

Eiko Soga's Ainu Hunter, Mon-chan was originally commissioned by the Bagri Foundation:


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