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Lea Collet: Structural Weakness (2020)

Event information:

4.3.2020  -   7pm

Lea Collet: Structural Weakness (featuring Hannah Kritten)

Via: Youtube









Lea Collet's Structural Weakness was the inaugural exhibition at s-l-i-c-e. It was streamed live on YouTube 09.04.2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. The performance was initiated by Lea Collet out of the comfort of her living room in London, from where she issued instructions to dancer Hanna Kritten, based at Ufer Studios, Berlin. Through Collet's narration and Kritten's movements they brought about a data flow which activated multiple screens of information.


Separated and isolated, the performance utilised the relationship between artist and performer to consider the use of tracking software and the navigation of virtual and public spaces in a time of pandemic. 

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